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    hello guys, recently my mom got new haircut. mom got shoulder length straight haircut. mom is housewife. mom want new wear style. mom usually wear saree and salwar-khameej dress. mom want western cloth style. before she did not wear western cloths. mom age is 48 years old. guys suggestions of wear style of mom.

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    well she can go for mid skirt with top…

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    parul. mid skirt is suit on mom ? because mom is 48 years old, so some doubt cause of age.

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    I think the easiest clothes would be jeans and tops to start with.
    Then she can try out long skirts for sometime. Once she gets used to it Your mom can wear knee length skirts for parties. and maybe one piece dresses as well.

    My mom too wears lots of modern clothes. Age is just a number.

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    Rahul… did your mom turn hot?

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      yes shilpa, mom turned into hot look.

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    Wow rahul that is really brave of your mom!!
    My wife also wants to wear western clothes but we stay in very small town. So it is not feasible.

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      yes yogesh, my mom is brave. your wife can wear western clothes. no matter of small town. your wife can wear modern clothes anywhere.

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    Nice One Rahul please let her get the best look she want she got her haircut and wanted to change herself to modern look why are you stopping her it is only the age she can look hot in any age before she used to be in traditional look but now she started to change from her hair to her look every thing changed so i suggest you to be with your mom choose dont restrict her from wearing western cloths.

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