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    Hi to all group members. My name is chandralekka. Im new to this group. Can anyone suggest me on shaving my private part. Im a newly married. I wanna to have a good relationship with my husbanf in bed. Should i shave my private. Can anyone share to me.

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    Hello Lekha..
    Congrats on ur newly married life..
    Yes u can shave ur private parts if u wish.
    But u hve to b careful while doing so else u might get skin infections/rashes.
    U can use trimmer or hair removal cream to make the area cleaner..
    But wen the small hairs grow back, its going to hurt ur private area. U’ll feel itching.
    I suggest u to clean ur private area(wash wth water) before having intercourse wth ur husband. It ll reduce the bad smell from tat area.
    Its better to ask ur hubby if he wants u to clean shave ur private area.
    If he is ok wth the pubic hair, then ther is no necessity in shaving it.

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    Thankz vasu for your advice. I am very scared to use hair removal cream because my skin are very sensitive

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    I think if you shave, the next stubble that will grow wont be soft. It will be hard to touch.
    Hence go for waxing. It will give very smooth finish.

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    Better use trimmer and cut the hairs short… tat way u dnt hve to feel the pain of waxing or issue wth stubble

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    Yes vasu is right
    First use trimmer to reduce hair growth then use waxing it will be comfortable

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    Maybe u should asked ur husband what he prefer. If he’s ok with it then u can choose either waxing or shaving.

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    Chandralekha seems very open minded… Appreciated…

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