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    Just going thru the forum I felt good and registerednow as new member and happy to join the group of hairfetish people.

    My wife already has medium Pixie cut, but is now bored of same look and wanted to grow up hair till shoulders. But as usual it’s not easy to grow back so he has finally decided to even go shorter, please suggest some trending short Pixie cuts which is still femine lookwise.

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    Seems no one is online…

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    Browse through Amanda Carvalho instagram. There are some interesting cuts. One sweta roh cut is in celeb news

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    I couldn’t see any shorter Pixie cuts..
    And celebrity styles can’t be copied as she will be getting it done in barbershop

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    What is your budget dude. Barbershop mite have talented barber . Where were previous cuts

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      No problems of budget dude. She was getting haircut in good salons but from last 2 time I have conveniencesd her to get the haircut from men’s barber where I go . And she is quite happy with the work as it’s very fast and cheap with good work on nape cleaning.

      I actually want her to go super Short this time. So thought of getting into discussion And suggestions to convince her with some cool and trending one from this forum.

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    @nisha would be great if you can share your super Short haircut experiences

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    Hi abhinav

    Welcome to the forum.
    Forum is very accomodating. So feel free to reply to any topic and get involved in the discussion.
    But plz note that not everyone here is hairfetish. Even i am not hair fetish.

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    My mom has short hair. My hair is gron long.

    Recently my mom buzzed her sides and back and trimmed the top hair to around 1 and half or 2 inches.
    You can try that on your wife.

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      Thanks nisha for making me comfortable, are the side and back buzzed till middle or its just around ears and half inches at sides??
      Your’s is no more a pixie now? Are u growing it ??

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    Ya u can try boycut for her na ur saying she is having already pixie cut

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