Short hair makes me feel confident being a girl

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    I’ve always been keeping my hair below back. but one day i entered the salon and randomly came out with a short blunt haircut. it took me just 2 days to get adapted to that . but trust me i felt edgy , confident and bold . short hair makes you feel hot and sexy. people stare at you like crazy. long hair is tooo mainstream. every other girl in india has long hair due to stereotypes and society. but once you cut your hair your life changes and you become a better person ( being a girl). you gain confidence . how many of you agree that a girl with short hair has her impression better than the one with boring long hair?

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    I totally agree with u Cherry..
    Most of the indiansl girls hve long hair just because of their parents and the society around them..
    I personally feel tat short hair girls r edgy and bold..

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    exactly @vasu girls should get experimental with thier hair because its the only thing that grows back in our body we must use that and keep changing our looks

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    @vasu that’s correct!.

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