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    Talking about my girlfriend, last 4 to 5 months she styled her hair with chin length bob & short at back. Because of trending such bob haircut in girls nowdays she’s going with trend. After that haircut she maintain regular trim btn 15 days of interval in unisex salon.
    We both are going together for regular trim in unisex salon. In unisex salon there are mostly male barbers for customer service. She got hair trim by male barbers upto chin length bob. Barber used clippers to trim her hair because it is easy to style to remove small inches of hairs than scissor & make perfect perimeter line bob. Also she wants to shave her fuzzy hairs on nape & sideburns. So, barber did it easily by straight razor which clean shaves nape & sideburns. Just in 4 5 stroke of razor her nape was clean smooth shave & no fuzzy hairs anywhere. This ia all about regular trim. She have fond of sleeveless tops & onepiece with large arm holes. So it need to be clean armpit hairs, which is done in salon. She always wear large hole sleeveless tops when coming to salon for regular hair trim, so it is easy to shave fully. After hair trim she shaves her armpit in salon without any hesitation & barber also did it. Barber did her armpit clean with foam & razor. Firstly he trim armpits hair short by clipper. Then, he make foam n apply it on her armpits & massage some time with by foam brush for smooth shaving. Then, he shaves her armpit hairs by straight razor within 3 4 strokes of razor her armpit get clean. To make armpit more smooth he did same action in reverse direction with both the armpits. And both her armpits get neat & smoothly shaved. Regular 15 days interval she shaves her armpit in salon & in between 15 days if needed she trims her armpit hair at home by clipper.
    Nowadays many womens get armpit shave in unisex salon without any hesitation. There is no any problem for shaving armpit in unisex salon.

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