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    To all the girls in this forum it’s my request that…as we are not allowed to reveal ourselves here or post any pic of ours so kindly if at least if u give a profile picture as per your hairstyle and facecut of any celebrities it will be easier for all to give suggestions about any haircuts or any other stuffs…

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    Already did it… thats why I have put Disha patni pic with red hair.
    Good suggestion by the way !!

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    This idea came after seeing your profile picture Shilpa…much credit goes to u…

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    @shilpa, now since Disha Patani has cut her hair, it makes complete sense, in fact perfect sense if you also follow her and once again update your profile pic with her latest pic 🙂

    Personally I very much like Farnaz Shetty’s pic. You can always think of it 😉

    Please note that Bob to mid-back will hardly take around 12-14 months..

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