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    Thank you Vasu, chintu and divya for all the encouragement. Since in the earlier post there we had too many comments hence creating a separate post to chat.
    Link to earlier post :
    Does haircut after breakup work
    So barber came a bit late today at around 9:30 am. Me and mom had initial discussion with him and reconfirmed the amount he is going to charge. Then we sat for my haircut. He combed out my hair and all and when it was time to cut, i had so much butterflies in my stomach, i was not allowing him to cut. Then again i would say let’s cut and then again i would stop. This went for about 10 minutes and then finally I gathered up courage and allowed him to cut. He cut off my long hair directly at the base of my nape !!!! It was such a different feeling, i felt all the weight on my head reducing suddenly. I thought it will be done in 5 minutes but he kept cutting for a long time and hair was falling all around me. I did not even know that i had so much hair on my head !! And finally i had a pixie.
    So here is the surprise for you all: mom got a pixie too !!! Ha ha ha ha ha
    I will be answering to comments today (on sunday) in between as i get time. Also i will be more active at night after 10 PM for next few days.
    @Admins of snipnchop: Just read on the submit page that we can also mention the time in the day when we would ideally reply to the our post. This is a really good idea because then people can literary chat over the comments below. Great job!!

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