I got a short blunt cut like Neerja Bhanot!

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    Oh my God guys! I can’t believe that i finally after lots of speculations chopped off my waist length brown hair to a cute short inverted blunt like Neerja . I was too scared but my boyfriend dragged me to a salon in a mall after we watched a movie. He only told the stylist how the haircut should be and waited looking at me in the mirror till i got shorter! I was not sure how will it look on me because while i was caped i was not getting an idea about the look but as he removed the cape my haircut looked very nice and cute . I looked 10 times prettier. I appeal all girls out there who have thick hair like me ” DON’T KEEP YOUR HAIR, USE IT “. IT really looks pretty and appealing. SHORTER THE HAIR HARDER THEY STARE. Now I can’t resist stares wherever I go.

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    Wow! Amazing length chopped off​
    How did you feel when the stylist started chopping your hair?

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    @sriram I felt exciting and thrilling . I could feel my head lighter and the cold breeze on my nape.

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    @shilpa why don’t you get short haircut?

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