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    I used to have a long black hair since my
    Childhood… but I wanted it short all the time… it didn’t work for me.. I used to have very long hair upto my hip length until I completed my engineering.. after that I cut it to waist length.. till 2 days back I had waist length hair..
    I got married since 2 years.. I asked my husband I will go short this time.. he said whatever you want.. I booked an appointment with the hair stylist.. the day has come… I said her I want it short below the shoulder length with layers… and again asked her which suits my face she explained something and I said go for what you said… she started hair cut after the wash and head massage she cut my hair to shoulder length as my hair is very thick she chopped like crazy on my hair to reduce the volume…

    The thing starts now… I came back home it was nice she straightens my hair.. but after my head bath it’s like full thick like a mushroom… iam searching on the internet how to reduce the volume then I found undercut… I decided to do an undercut for myself… with my shivering hands I started shaving my nape and two sides a bit high… but after that I felt like “wow I did it finally!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!” I shaved my nape and sides are smooth… I feel like touching them when my hands are free.. he air touching my shaved nape and smooth shaved sides I felt the feel of touch…

    My husband didn’t recognize it till now iam waiting for his reaction…

    In a month iam going to another cut like short inverted bob with undercut… I will be waiting for that day…

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    Nice so when u r going to do bob with shaved nape

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    Hi Ronak
    Typically in a month… I will update that for sure…

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    @Anu, why don’t you put some profile pic. You can put a pic of any model whose hairstyle resembles to that of yours.

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    Ook no prblm @Anu

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    @Anu why don’t you put ur latest haircut pics?

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