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    rishi pandey

    My friend had a long thick hair till her butt
    It was the longest of all among my friends and was the longest in my school
    But she was not able to maintain it so shr cut hair (below shoulder layer cut).
    I said her to have a bob cut but she didnt have that because her boyfriend didnt allow her and she doesnt want to go short..
    But she broke up with him..
    So i said to have a bob..
    She is refusing it..
    Pls help me to get het haircut

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    Nithiya sathya

    Hi rishi.. U can convience her by showing her some Bob haircut picture and impress her how she will look of she got a bobcut and tell her that how easier is to maintain short hair, if u need more advice do dm me in insta @haircareandbodycareforgirls

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    rishi pandey

    I tried everything but she said that she will have a haircut only while going to college

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    Nithiya sathya

    Did she have a insta.. Ask her to follow my page if she got.. Let me talk to her. May i be can try change her mind.. As always a girls heart only can known by another girl

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