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    I know it’s quite blunt and straightforward but i have noticed that people don’t want to admit that they are hair fetish even when they are. I can proudly admit that I’m a hair fetish person because there is nothing wrong in it.
    So if anyone is interested in talking about hair and there hair fetish desires please message me😃

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    Hi Lucifer..
    I dont think there r much hair fetish girls in this forum.. I believe its only fr guys..
    All the best in finding a hairfetish girl..

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    @vasu thank you
    By the way i have come across a few here but people are not ready to admit that they like talking about hair.
    I don’t know what they think whether it’s a disease or bad thing.
    Nevertheless hopefully I’ll find a hair fetish girl who will understand me😀

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    I have a suggestion.
    If you try to find a girl who has hair fetish, i think it will be difficult.
    But why don’t you just find a girl who dosent bother if you have hair fetish?
    For example, in this forums I know few females who dont have hair fetish, but dont mind if other people have hair fetish. This includes me. other girls i know is Nisha, Revathi. Even Yogesh dosent have hair fetish.
    And finding a date online is like suicide, but in your real life, you can just find a cool girl who is ok with hairfetish.

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    @shilpa good advice

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    Few years back I had asked Nisha, that most of the guys in these forums have hair fetish so should we discontinue. she said that all the guys stare at boobs and butts, but if a guy is going to stare at my hair, i will prefer that.
    So I think it is just about how you portray it to the girl. If you kind of sugar-coat it when you are telling it to her first time, she wont be shocked or wont run away.

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    @shilpa thank you soo much for your advive
    I would really consider it😀

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    @nidhi what say you

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    haircut fetish

    I am trying to find the same girl since 2 years but no luck in my city. Its really difficult because nobody would reveal if they have a haircut fetish, try to go for a barber girl , or a salon girl, there are chances that you can develop the haircut fetish in her.

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    I really appreciate your courage dude of admiting it .
    Hopefully you will find her
    All the best

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    @hairfetish you are correct i should look for a barberette
    Thank you for your advice
    @Shivay thank you brother

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    you can not do that virtually as anyone can be fake or you might not meet that person in real so its better that you talk openly about haircuts to anyone here(including me) lol :p and once you get girlfriend stay honest and clear about your fetishism

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    I am also hair fetish and agree with lucifer’s earlier comment. No one openly admits that they are hair fetish.

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    @cherry27 thank you soo much for your advice and support and surely I’ll talk about hair to you😀
    @ams that’s only the problem brother

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    I think you are right.
    A hair fetish people should marry each other.
    Because in my case. I am not hair fetish, but my wife is. And she keeps coming home with different short haircuts. It was a shock for me first time when she had cut her long hair into a bob!!
    Since we live in small town it is too much attention grabbing. Maybe if I was hair fetish i would have loved it.
    But I am not hair fetish. I do not mind my wife doing anything with her hair, but i do worry about all the people noticing her due to her short hair.

    So I agree with you that hair fetish people if they find other hair fetish people, it will be a better match.

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    Agreed with what others said, its not imp to find one who shares the fetish rather who understands it. I’d say there are many but they won’t admit in open.

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    I am also a hair fetish from bangalore..

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    I’m new on this forum. I’m a 22 years old girl with curly blond hair just down to my waist. It is really hard to admit out loud, but I have a huge haircut fetish probably since I can remember. I always wanted for someone, like boyfriend, to cut my hair to a short bob with buzzed nape or short wedge haircut. And yeah, I understand… it is hard to admit it out loud.
    But I would like to talk about it, so if there is anyone out there sharing the same thoughts about hair, pls message me.

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    तू पूरे सिर पर क्लिपर चलवा. टकली बन

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