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    Snip Kaur

    I am a lover of literature and am hairfetish as well. I have read a lot of English literature. If you can discuss and suggest some books and writers, which and who are related with hairfetish, respectively, I shall welcome and appreciate. Actually, literature provides ample scope for elaboration and the beauty of language and the impact on the reader are icings on the cake. Lets start the discussion on books of general literature which discuss haircuts, hairshaves, pube-shaves, underarms shaves and hairstyles, and the books which are purely concerned with hairfetish or haircuts and also the books by psychologists which discuss the reasons, why we are hairfetish…… Of men and women, who are more hairfetish in quantity and quality?

    Are the ladies who experiment with their hair more often are hairfetish? For example:

    Kangana Ranaut
    Arundhati Roy
    Preity Zinta
    Priyanka Chopra
    Katrina Kaif
    Parneeti Chopra
    Deepika Padukone

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    I think all these actresses have changed their looks as a part of their job. Not necessarily they are hair feitsh.

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    Snip Kaur

    Revathi, you look like Aishwarya Rai ji.

    And do you think that if they were not actresses, they would not have cut their hair? What do you think?

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    Its a “may or may not be” situation.
    Some actresses like kareena kapoor have never cut their hair short even for a good role.
    But that dosent mean actresses who have got short haircuts are hair fetish. Just that they are open to experimenting or they are trying their best to get good roles and have variety in thier looks and roles.

    So it is really difficult to say that someone is hairfeitish or no.

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    Can u mail me hairfetish literatures?

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    Snip Kaur


    I agree with you, to a great extent. At the same time, I am grateful to you for your kind and lengthy reply. I remember a film, in which Sanjay Duett trimmed the hair of my favourite actress Aishwarya Rai short. That scene can be found, seen and relished on also. But, as KVijay has asked me to email hairfetish literature, I shall only say that even I am in search of such literature, and that is why I have put up this post, even as I shall like to add that provides a platform to hairfetish people to share and read such stuff. Do you know about it or not, Kalbhushan Vijay alias KVijay ji?

    Waiting for your kind replies….

    Snip Kaur

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    you can also search haircutrevisited on google…it was the very first site I came across when my hair fetish was discovered.
    it also has very awesome stories!!!!

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    Snip Kaur

    Oh so nice….. this is a disease of which we all are victims and it is called trichophilia. Do you know it? It is a non-serious psychological disorder, which we feel shy of sharing with or intimating our partners i.e. friends or life-partners.

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    ohh i didn’t know about that.
    …btw you searched for haircutsrevisited on google??

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    Hair fetish is what you mean

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    Hello friends I’m new to this website nd would love to chat with you guys on hair fetish.
    @SnipKaur You can read a short book “HOW I GOT A HAIR FETISH”

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    Snip Kaur

    Okay…. is this book available on google for reading? I mean PDF…. or should I buy it?

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    You have to buy this ebook from amazon

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    I am not new to this site but have only been a spectator in this forum till now. However, i found your post quite intriguing and i’d like to share my thoughts with you.

    First of all i am an avid reader myself and so naturally when i first stumbled upon my own fetish, i instinctively looked to the world of literature to explore and understand this new part of me that i had unlocked. As you may have also experienced, i found a lot of material to satiate my fetish but nothing that could help me unravel this puzzle. As time passed, i gave up the search and let other means (videos, blogs, short stories) channel my fetish. I also at the technical aspect of it i.e. psychologically and found that the studies done have been inadequate. I suppose the reason for that is that this idea of a hair fetish is very trivial to non-fetishers. It can be looked at as abnormal and weird by a lot of people.

    To share my thoughts on the other subject you brought up, hair fetish is a very vague term. It comprises of lots of different, more specific, fetishes. A very simple example being, one person’s hair fetish may involve getting their hair cut while another’s may be to cut someone’s hair. These two are the complete opposites of one another but still come under hair fetish. So a lady might experiment with her hair very often and not have a hair fetish. However, there is another scenario too (which is rather interesting to think about), a lady might get get frequent haircuts but have a fetish for cutting other people’s hair. Only because she doesn’t get to do that she diverts it to what she can do which is get her hair cut.

    Anyway, these are just my thoughts and i have often found myself thinking about such things though a lack of people with whom i can share such things has compelled me to keep these ramblings to myself. It feels good to let it out and i thank you for that. If you are someone who would like to dig a little deeper and carry this conversation forward then you can contact me on

    Thanks and cheers!

    P.S- Do check this site out.. …it’s supposed to be a list of hair fetish books though i can’t vouch to it’s credibility as i haven’t tried any of those books myself.

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    Okay, well reading the convo above I’d say yes there are chances of them being one but as we all know its well-kept secret. Btw I am an author and I actually wanted to write a few stories but was looking for a place to share with others. Ain’t sure any of public writing platforms will appreciate that boldness😂 apart from that if there’s any reading materials then do share.

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