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    Hi guys im priyanka
    recently i had got a haircut (layer) in my local beauty parlour
    the parlour lady didn’t do the cut well
    now if im leaving my hair freely its looking ugly
    i had a hip length hair earlier but she reduced to below the shoulder length
    problem is im not able to leave my hair freely,or i cant braid or pony all styles are looking worst due to the bad cut
    dont know wat to do
    pls u huys advise me wat do now

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    I also had waist length hair,but i recently got a pixie cut. Although that was because i had a breakup and needed a change.
    Are you ready to cut it more ?

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    Wen u have layers, u wont b able to braid it properly. Layers look good wrn it is left open. Did anyone say tat yu have a bad haircut or its just ur inner feeling about it..? If some1 very close to yu had said tat yu have a bad hair, yu can chnge ur hairstyle again..
    As u have layers, u might have u cut it above ur shoulders.. as said by Nisha, u can think of short haircut. pls provide ur inputs, so that we can sort it out.

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    priyanka u can get rid of those layers but visit a gud parlour this time as u said ur hair is below ur shoulder so u may have a bob of chin length or shoulder length as we don’t know frm wer the layering started
    if u are bold get a pixie cut like me and nisha

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    V shd wish for more break up. Girls will get a haircut in response

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