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    Hi guys,

    I’m new on this forum. I’m a 22 years old girl with curly blond hair just down to my waist. It is really hard to admit out loud, but I have a huge haircut fetish probably since I can remember. I rarely cut my hair tho, I’m not sure why – I guess I’m very insecure about it.

    But now I decided to do it. I would like a guy to pick out a style for me or even better, do it himself. Or go with me to a hair salon and order what should I get. Any barber out there? I’m thinking short bob with a buzzed nape or short wedge haircut. Has to involve clippers!

    I would also like to talk about it, so if there is anyone out there sharing the same thoughts about hair, pls message me.


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    You can try short Bob haircut with buzzed nape. It will be a good change. Check Shraddha Musale’s haircut on instagram. She has recently gone for short Bob on curly hair. Where are u based from, can help u out with the haircut☺️.

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    jay parikh

    I am a hairstylish and i can travel were ever u sae..n yes m ready to give you a new hairdo

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    jay parikh

    Basically m frm ahmedabad n you?

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    गंजा करें?

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    Anand tiwari

    Hello, this is Anand tiwari from Blr and I am a hair salon manager. We are currently conducting a survey on haircuts. You can contact me or I can contact you via instagram. My instagram username is @anandtiwari08. We can talk plenty about hair. Anyone interested can contact me.

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    If your are yet to pick, then I want to be in the pot. May the force be with me…!!!

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    Ali Ahmad

    i wouldnt beat abt the bush …i’m a hircut fetis myself …. let me bring it straight to u … u need a forced haircut … i love doing forced haircuts on reluctant girls .. u want someone to take charge and cut ur mane even if u r hesitant or for that matter saying “No pls not that short” … i’ll gather ur hair in my hand and chop them at ur nape … then i’ll buzz ur nape forcing ur chin to ur chest .. i’ll give u some blint short bangs and may be next time i’ll give u a boycut !

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    Good to see you opening up about your fetish. If it was me I would have suggested you the exact same haircut which you have mentioned. Its very nice to see a shaved nape with a short bob cut. I hope you get that done soon.

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