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    I dnt knw y v shy in saying v r hair fetish n v love long hairs. So my ques is why dnt people dnt reveal their name n info . is der anything wrong in revealing love for hairs?

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    Great suggestion. You can start by putting up your identity here. Also a post on your FB would be great. You can then post the feedback, which I am sure will be positive, and others will follow your example

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    sure if i vl put my identity if u ensure that others will do the same n u wud be first to do so after me dan i can surely do dat. n if u cant just keep the hell out of it else i will beat ur ass n smack u out where no one could find u , u son of a bitch @Rocky

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    Brother Kavi or KVijay. Nice to see that I have got below your skin. Incidentally, you are trying to be psuedo brave on a website. Well I can hack the site to find out all your identities, but don’t want to spoil peace.
    Man have some nice beer and chill out.
    And best of luck

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    whatever man do watever u want n m nt trying to be brave u just took it to another level i just asked views instead u tried to warmup the situation

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    Guys chill…stop fighting over no reason..

    Admin has banned people earlier for revealing their identities on this website. So you decide on your own.
    Also people will not be comfortable to reveal details of their moms and wifes getting haircuts or makeover. So instead of not sharing anything, its better to be annonymous and then share..

    This is the end of the argument.
    Lets just chat, relax and be merry.
    No one replies on this message. This topic is over here.

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