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    Hey guys
    I’m new to this website so I really don’t know anyone of you but since you all are here to advice everyone so i joined the site.
    I’m parikriti. You all can call me pari. I have long straight chocolate hair upto my waist and i live the length. My hair is the eye catcher. I never get haircuts because i hate it and usually ho for an inch trim once in 3-4 months. I got my last trim in January when I went for full head blonde highlights. The stylist said that they only start the procedure after removing all the dead hair from the ends. I having no other option had to give away 3-4 inches of my hair. Now due to avoiding the trims since the last 4 inch chop I have my hair damaged with splitends thus my ends look horrible. Is there any way to get rid of the damage and keeping my waist length? I really dont want to loose my length.

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    hello pari welcome to our smallocal but valuable world,
    there are techniques to remove only the split part of the hair but if it’s completely damaged which would be quite obvious due to colour and such long duration since your last trim it would be beneficial to get the 3-4 inches of damaged part cut.

    or else you can go for layers. only the top layer will be required to cut 4 inches , the other bottom layers will need only 3 inch, 2 inch length and so on.

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      What are the ways of removing the damaged parts? You mentioned it that there are methods.
      Can you tell me that Tony ??

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    Hye… welcome frm my side…as per my suggestion u should trim ur split ends as soon as possible else u cn have bangs with layered hair in back and also front…and rest is your wish…bcoz its your hair so final decision will b yours…keep updating here.😉

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      Sid, ain’t there any method by which I can keep my length??

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    If it is split ends u shoukd get it cut. Split ends later make your hair brittle and rarher than u requiring to cut off lots of length later. Better u cut 3 or 4 inches now.

    I too have waist length hair, and i can undersrand ur dilema. But haircut is the only real solution for split ends.

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      Hi shilpa,
      Yes you would definitely understand the pain when you see your hair getting chopped off.
      Since you too have waist length hair, you tell me what would you do if you were in my place ??

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    the method is to run a lightened candle near the split hairs so the split part falls off.
    but it is quite risky and not recommended to be tried so cutting is the solution.

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      Oh okay tony. Thanks for the solution. Will think about it

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    Earlier i had faces this situation. I had cut my hair.
    mybhair was earlier below my bums.. till thigh…. because of split ends barber cut it till below waist.. till bums length.

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    Oh thats so sad. You must have lost 6 to 7 invhes of your precious hair. Maybe its my turn now 🙁

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    Yes.. i lost a lots of hair.
    How much u r planning to chop?

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    Yaaa its ur turn but which cut u dicided finally!!!

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    I have planned only for a trim just for the ends. But it turned out to be something else.
    I have a new topic created. Lets talk there

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