Got my waist length hair colored to blonde !!

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    Hey guys,

    I had created a post asking for suggestions on hair colour. Where you guys had given me valuable suggestions.
    But as you know Earlier I had red ombre in my hair and colour was fading away. So i had to get the colour redone.
    Last time While making my hair red, stylist had first bleached my hair to blonde and then put red colour on it.
    so this time my hairstylist convinced me to go honey blonde (Or whatever it is called).

    So this time we bleached 3 times to make it extremely blonde and then stylist used some kind of blonde colour on it to get the desired result. So I am a blonde now !!! 🙂

    It is almost same as the DP of amisha patel i am using. and my hair is below waist length. (I did not want to get a haircut this time)

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    You must be looking great. Blonde hair color is a eye catchie color. I think you could have reduced the hair length

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    Too much eye catching colour. Stylist convinced me that blonde will look good on my fair skin. and since he had done good job last time, I thought i could trust him. So we went ahead. But i must say it is looking very different. not at all used to such light hair colour.

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    Great.. next month you can have haircut

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    Shilpa its good to look different if u feel confident in it
    Enjoy new haircut and yes dontrim with new hair first it will make u gorgeous

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    Blonde is looking very different and everyone is staring at me when i walk on street… lol.. I was wondering if i look like a foreigner.
    But i am getting many completements from friends and all. So i am happy now.

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    Shilpa.. Tu londie se Blondie Ho gaye

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    Shilpa.. Log ab tujhe mud mud kar dekh rahe hongee

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    Its happy to hear tat u did blonde color fr ur hair Shilps…
    Blonde color is not a usual color in pur country so every1 will stare at u.. its natural..
    U rock wth ur new look..

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    Thanks Vasu !!
    This is a very big change for me.
    We had to do the bleavh twice. First to remove red colour and then to make it more blonde.
    Thankfully it is looking great, but i am still getting used to it.

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    Now when haircut going to done???

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    No haircut plans.

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