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    I was a confident young beautiful working woman .I had brown long waist length layers. My husband loved my hair. But after pregnancy i lost my charm , my beautiful hair became thinner and scantier, my face looked aged and i looked really older . I lost my confidence. I needed a major makeover. One night I was really depressed after watching old pictures on instagram. I started crying my husband got disturbed too. he suggested me a hair makeover to change my look and get the confidence back. but since his posting was in village area there were no descent salons or even beauty parlours so he decided to give me my BIGGEST CHOP EVER. we started searching on youtube haircut tutorials . he said that i should go super short now.he chose a short wedge cut for me. i was really afraid and nervous about he cutting my hair but he assured me that everything will be fine and i will be happy and charming again. we got a good tutorial on youtube of wedge haircut. my husband brought a nylon cloth for caping me some water spray bottle sharp scissors comb and to my thriling surprise he got CLIPPERS AND RAZORS ALONG WITH SHAVING FOAM. I was thrilled. i got chills down my spine . but his assuring look made me feel comfortable, i couldnt have done haircut like this by barber at salon, thank god it was my own husband. he made me sit infront of mirror he looked into me in eyes in mirror. he drenched my hair with water and i saw it for the last time. he tied a ponytail at my nape and withing seconds it was buzzzed off by clippers. i started crying but he looked at me and made me comfy. then he started cutting my back hair with scissors over comb really really short with every cut he looked at me the assuring way . i touched back it was only a centimeter or two length left. i never had this short hair, i was scared. he kept cutting. then he cleared the sidebuns he kept a fringe like hair part at front to give it a feminine look. i thought its over i was about to get up from this horror but he dragged me down and brought out CLIPPERS he moved them on my nape i could here buzz very much above my nape . i dont know why but it made me so excited i asked for more. then he took sharp razor applied foam and shaved thrice to makw my nape look smooth fair shiny and undershaved. he shaved my sideburns too tilting my head. i was surprised to see my husbands skills. i was afraid to look at myself but he removed the cape and jokingly said ” this is the haircut madam my fees are a happy smile and a hug” i hugged him crying with a happy smile . i love this new look. i carry it classy like emma watson and cara delvigne . my husband regularly buzzes me and i will never grow my hair from this classy super short wedge cut.

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    Oh wow !!
    That was one terrific experience. Thanks for shairing it with us. I am sure your husband finds you hot now with the new look.

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    Wow! Very well narrated! Congrats on the new look..and thanks for sharing 🙂

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    Great story. The first time ur getting shaved bald though is quite unnerving.hope ur safisfied with ur new look.

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    Wow that’s nice. Its my dream to have an opportunity like this, to give some one a nice cut.

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