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    Hello old and new users of this forum.. I hope all of u r doing well.. its been a while I was active in this forum.. so I thought of sharing this undercut activity I carried out wth my wife’s hair..

    My wife has midback length hair, whch she had cut it from hip length hair as I requested.. she knows i’m a hair fetish, so she tries to fulfill my hair related fetish desires..
    Its our 1st anniversary on August 3rd week, so I asked a bobcut or undercut as a gift.. she was very much confused wat to do.. as expected I didnt get this gift on my anniversary day.. but the next day was totally unexpected fr me.. she agreed to do undercut.. naturally as i’m fetish, I wanted to do it wth my hand..
    So, in the morning I made her relax to cooperate fr undercut as she strted to cry.
    I parted a triangle shape portion of hair near neck as I didnt want her to embarrass her wth bigger undercut, also she can wear a normal pony without revealing undercut.
    After partitioning, I shower it to her and got her approval.. I didn’t waste time and took a scissor and chopped the hair at neck line.. then I took my comb and trimmer to make the hair yet shorter.. sometimes I used scissors too.. it was my first time, so I took my own time..
    Then I wanted to give some design on undercut.. simple design came to my mind was inverted V(also 1st letter of my name..lol..).
    Wth trimmer I made 2 inverted Vs in the area..
    Then I wanted to differentiate the stripes so I used my straight razor to draw a clean V line.. I struggled a bit but I gave a good line, and shaved her nape area to remove stray hairs..
    My wife cooperated till last moment as she was doing it for me..
    Then she revealed tat she feels tingly sensation at undercut portion..

    4days aftr this I did one more drastic change.. I clean shaved the complete undercut area.. hair is growing fr the past 4-5days now..
    I’m getting excited wenever I touch the undercut area..
    Tats it from my end.. its a long post.. sorry guys fr sharing this much long incident..

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    Grt buddy u r lucky enough to cut ur wife’s hairs. Hope u enjoyed everything

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    Good to see you back Vasu !! 🙂

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    Yes i already did with my wife
    I mean i cit her hair last month and she was really happy after that we enjoyed.
    Nice Vasu

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    Thank you ppl..
    Yea v r enjoying..

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    Hey Vasu,

    Nice to know about your wife haircut…
    Whats next Hair tattoo you are planning once shaved nape grows..

    Even my wife had haircut recently but not any undercut.. It was just layer cut with long swept bangs

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    Hair is growing on..she is not allowing me to gve a undercut design.. i’m trying my best to convince her..

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    A bunch of long hair must have got cut when u gave undercut right?

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    Yes Shilps.. bunch of hair wth my forefinger was cut during the process..
    U know wat, I hve the chopped hair in my almira.. lol..

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