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    Manish Nair

    Hi guys,

    This is Manish. I’m from Hyderabad. I have a 20 year old Cousin Sister with Hair Fetish. But, she’s not ready to accept that. So, I wanted your suggestions on how I can convince her about her Hair Fetish.

    I’m a Hair Fetish too and she is the only person in my family who knows that. I want her to accept her Hair Fetish because, its not mentally healthy to suppress that. I mean, its nothing to be embarrassed about right.

    Also, she has this really long and thick waist-length hair which she always complaints about managing but doesn’t have the balls to cut short. She’s been yammering about getting a Bob haircut for 5 years now, she takes pictures of herself with fake-bob all the time, but everytime she comes back from the salon with just a trim. I’m sick of it, even her Mom is tired of it. Her Mom once jokingly said she’ll chop her ponytail in sleep if she doesn’t stop talking about Bob haircuts. Her Mom was only joking of course.

    And actually, her Hair Fetish is very serious too. She notices even if someone gets a small trim and talks about it. She always suggests short haircut if other girls ask. Because of that, her friends never ask her for hair suggestions. I know because her friend once told me my sister is jealous, since she keeps long hair but wants everyone to have short hair. I felt really sorry because her friends are misunderstanding my sister’s Hair Fetish for jealousy. Once she even convinced her Mom to get a Bob haircut, they almost went to the salon but her Father stop her.

    She’s talks indirectly to me about hair because she knows I have a Hair Fetish too, but never directly. She asks me what short haircuts I like and what I’ll do if my future wife has long hair. I tell her that I want a Hair Fetish wife who’ll allow me to cut her hair. I even directly tell my sister that I want to chop her ponytail and keep it with me. She gets very excited and blushes when I talk to her like that.

    I don’t know how to talk to her, cause if I say directly that she has Hair Fetish, she’ll never accept it. She’s very stubborn you know. I want to help her realise that she has Hair Fetish and that it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. So that she’ll finally accept it and get that Bob haircut. And when she does, I hope she’ll let me cut her hair.


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    Why don’t you get her shorter in two or three haircuts. That way change will be easier for her to accept

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    @shilpa currently do u have any idea for getting haircut

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    No plans yet.

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    @shilpa do u have any plan of getting Bob haircut or boycut

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