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    Hi guys, Today I received a haircut related joke, which i think many people here would find hilarous. I think everyone can post a joke related to hair if they know any, so that we have a list of haircut related jokes.

    Here is the joke I received:

    Height of frustrated professional life….

    HR : Kaha gaye the?
    Employee : Baal katwaane 😮😮.
    HR : Office hours me?
    Employee : Baal badhe bhi toh office hours me he hain na 😠😠
    HR : Ghar me rehte ho, tabhi bhi toh badhte hai na tumhare Baal
    Employee : Haa to Takla thodi na kiya hai, jitne office me badhe the utne hi katwaaye hain !!!😂😂😂😂

    Looking forward to contributions in this list from everyone.

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