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I will tell you what my wife did.
We are from small town. But wife is from city and she is used to wearing all western clothes.
She too faced similar situation with respect to modern clothes and short haircuts. As a husband even if i wanted to, i couldnt allow her to wear western clothes in small town or get a short haircut.
What my wife did was she some how convinced my Grandmother and what happend was a surprise for me too.
In one of the family function when every relative was present, my grand mother said,” I had married Yogesh with a city girl so that he has a modern wife. And sadly instead of being modern bahu has come here and learned all goan ka traditions. I am going to ask her to wear western clothes.”
I dont know how my wife convinced my grandmom, but one of the thing i know is my wife secretly supplies chocolates and icecreams to gramdmom who has diabetes and not allowed to eat sweet stuff.

Now my wife has bobcut and wears knee length skirts in a small town