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Hey everyone. Thankyou all for your motivation. I have the best haircut of my life now.
I went to the salon. The stylist examined my hair and concluded that my hair are heavily damaged by 6 inches and I really need a makeover coz ibhave this same boring hair style for my entire life.
I requested him not to cut much hair because 6 inches is a vedy big amount to be chopped at once. He agreed. I asked him about the candle process. He started with the process as my hair was already washed at home. Must say it is very time taking process and as i have such long hair he took almost an hour to go through the process. After it was all done, i saw my hair length was the same and i had no splitends in my hair at all. I was very happy but then he told me that some amount need to be chopped of as the ends look uneven now and a thin tail is created at the end. And yes he was right. He hold it at once and chopped the 4 inch tail away. I was in trauma when i saw him throwing the chopped amount of hair on the floor. I was so bored with my hair style and thought that 4 inches have already been chopped, why not try something new. I asked him to heavy layer my hair and make a v shape in the back. He took time for the process and did a fantastic job . My hair looked so bouncy. Then he blow dried my hair and i was getting up when he stopped me and said he has a surprise for me. I asked what surprise. He asked me to trust him and close my eyes. He took my front hair and chopped it above nose level. I was literally about to die when i so such long hairs on my laps and my hair just below my eyes. The hair were almost 10 inches long. Then he cut more to make it perfect and he got me a full heavy front bangs just touching my eyebrows. I couldn’t recognise myself but i must say it looked hot. He showed me my back hair. It was just passmy breast. It was still long but not at waist length now. I think i chopped 5-6 inches of my hair in total. The V shape looks fantastic. And so does the bangs. I love my haircut. Will miss my long hair. I will visit for my regular trims and grow bavk my hair. But for the tome being, I love this new look.