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I had a function in my college, so i had a black sexy one piece dress ready for me. it is a backless dress but quite short and reaches only mid thighs. Along with pointed heels sandals.. stilettos… So i made mom wear it.. She was initially reluctant due to past experience with bikini blouse and saree. At that time i had called my neighbour aunty to see mom in bikini blouse and saree. But aunty inturn called everyone else to see mom and everyone got to see mom and mom became quite famous…. lol.

So this time mom was not ready. When i persuaded she said, “I will wear, but this time u will not call anyone to see me”. I said sure. Whats the fun if mom is wearing something new and no one is seeing it. So i messaged the neighbor aunty that i am making mom wear my one piece dress and when mom is ready i will leave door knob of house open. So when i message you, then push the door open and come inside. That aunty is very loud mouth and i knew she would call other neighbors too.

So i made mom wear my one piece dress. Mom has pixie hair like me. So i styled it like mandira bedis hair using gel and put mom some slight makeup. Mom was enjoying the makeup so i made it a bit dark makeup like dark lipstick, dark nail polish, dark eye makeup of smokey eyes and all, which gave her a bit too sexy look.

And then i made mom wear my pointed heels sandals. my shoe size is larger than moms, so for mom my shoes were a bit larget bur she managed to wear it. Whens he wore pointed heels shoes, I must tell you she look so so so so HOOOOOTTTTT !!
Also my moms is slightly taller than me. So the dress reaches my mid thighs, but for mom it was slightly shorter than that. Like form back it covered only her butts. But since hers legs are quite awesomely shaped any actress would have felt inferiority complex… lol…..
once mom was ready i messaged aunty that mom is ready and i am going to take mom in front of dad and that you can come at my home. Aunty came as expected and brought other people too, But since the moms earlier incident of bikini blouse this time a lot more people were interested to see mom. so this time alot more poeple came in which i had not expected.

Mom received a lots of compliments !!