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Urvi Maru is one name that many new joiners of beauty Industry must be aware of. Urvi works with Pragna Vedant Hair and beauty Academy based in Mumbai. 

By travelling to different parts of India and conducting training workshops she has trained countless hairstylists and makeup artists in last few years !! If you attend any of her training workshops you will find her teaching large group of students tirelessly from morning to evening, keeping the audience engaged with her enthusiasm and passion for work.

No doubt that Urvi is immensely talented hairstylist and makeup artist, but what has gained her more popularity among her students is her humble nature and patience with which she clarifies their doubts.

Urvi with models just after the workshop:


Urvi with models


Below are pic of some of her other works :

Urvis work 1


Urvis work 2


We wanted to know more about her and hence we approached her with few questions, to which she gladly answered.

What inspired you to choose this profession ?

What inspires me is nearly everything in life. I am fondly inspired by makeup artists, educators, colleagues and mentors I have the good fortune to work with.

Which is your favorite part of the job and Why ?

I absolutely love the world of both make-up & hair styling because its so diverse today. You can literally transform anyone into anything with the right tools and knowledge. I must say I am extremely grateful to god and my parents and my guru Pragna Mam for make up & hair style artistry.

Can you tell our readers what are the current trends in Haircuts/ Hairstyles/ Makeup / Fashion ?

In Hair Cuts Long Layered , Straight Bob ,Long Wavy , Madeline, Hannah are in fashion

And in hairstyles most clients demand for Crimped French Braids , Ringlet Bun With Gajra, Elegant Twisted Bun, Messy Double Bun, Classic Fishtail Braid.

Tell us about your most memorable experience in this Job ?

Once i was attending a client for her wedding makeup for morning function, when I was just about to finish her makeup, she excused herself and went for a bio-break. But when she came back, her Eyeliner was running, eye shadow and lipstick was smudged! She told me she just vomited in the washroom, because she had too much to drinks in previous night. Still even with that how did she even manage to spoil her makeup to that extent? Did she fell in toilet bowl or something !! ha ha ha… none the less.  I had to do her makeup all over again. It was funny though!

What makes you different from other stylists?






One thought on “Expert Talk with Urvi

  • March 17, 2018 at 3:24 am

    I was student with Urvi Mam and I really like the way she teaches us everything in detail. God bless you Urvi mam


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