Entry 9 I have decided to take care of my looks going forward

I am female. 43. Delhi.
I have a college going son.I wear sarees, suits etc.

I come from a upper middle class society and I am quite well maintained, but i never considered myself stylish.

Recently when I was returning from salon. Since i had just got a haircut, my hair was blowdried and looking perfect.
I saw a few guys in our locatity standing in a corner and we exchanged smiles.

While I was walking away, I over heard them talking to each other that they find me hot!! I was such a surprise for me.
I never thought anyone would find me hot at this age. I wonder what a simple haircut and a blowdry could do to your looks.

It was hilarious but I should admit that it has boosted my confidence.
And I have decided to take care of my looks going forward.

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