Entry 5 My gfs last haircut

I check this website regularly and see many hair confession so I felt that I too also should confess something.
My girlfriend is very attractive by her looks and most important part of her attraction was her shinny hair which I love a lot which she knows.
One day we met and I assume that her just past mid length hair is now just below her shoulder.

At first I was very angry on her for firstly I love her hair a lot and secondly she did it without telling me.

In her explanation she told “I wanted 2 surprise u and my split ends were damaged”. So I asked her You should further go for just a trim why she cut that much of hair.

Then she also felt sorry for what she did and just now she is growing again her hair and told me she will not go 2 parlor for cutting her hair again,  instead, from next time she will allow me to cut or trim it how ever I want

Hearing it I am very happy and also very excited for my first haircut experience

…hope u liked it…


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