Entry 2 New haircut gave me a job

I was trying to find a job so that i could support my family, but i was really finding it difficult. I am just graduate and being from a small town I had very limited options. One of my aunty runs a beauty parlour. She said that there is one seminar where they teach hairstylists new types of haircuts and hair color.

She asked me to come as a model so that i can get a free haircut. My hair was quite long but in bad state. In such seminars you dont have options to choose what haircut you get. They will give you haircut which they want to teach to the new hairstylists.

I did not kNow which haircut i was going to get, when my turn came they were teaching some kind of layered haircut. My long hair was cut to just slightly brlow shoulders, but it was a beautiful haircut.l and completely changed my looks since i had never got a professional haircut.

Aunty took me to the seminat jext day as well where they gave me highlights. Since they wanted to learn i got a mix of 2 or three shades and was looking like a fashion model when i came out.

I feel i got my first job as a receptionist because of my good looks.

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