Dear Snipchop, why?

Well this is just to ask, why you publish fiction stories in salon confession? Also this stories are copied from facebook and other source. Just paste the link instead of copying or give credit to original page/author atleast.

Thank You


Dear cole,

Thank you so much for pointing this out.

As you must already be aware, we allow readers to publish their confessions anonymously. This facility is provided so that no one is hesitant to confess. We expect genuine confessions.

It is difficult to find out if it is a real confession explaind in a dramatic format or work of fiction.Hence, to be on a safer side, we allowed fiction so thay atleast it entertains people.
Also It is very difficult to check if someone has copied the story or written originally. 

But if some reader has copied a story and published it here. It is definately not welcomed. 

Henceforth we will try not to publish if story looks fiction.

On the other hand, on a long term basis, we are considering shutting down confession section completely. This is because most of the people are active now on our forum topics and new ‘message’ feature which is availble after login. Readers have more fun there as a discussion takes place on any topic which is raised. And a community is getting built up.

Thank you for going out of the way and letting us know your concern. Really appreciated 


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