Dad sent mom to salon without getting details


A very funny incident happened at my home. It was moms birthday and so dad gifted her salon package as a gift. It was a good salon and mom was really happy.
Mom went to the salon with vouchers and when she came back she just looked drop dead gorgeous. Although she looked really different and we were not able to figure out what. Instead of asking her me and dad thought let’s try to figure out ourselves so we asked her to turn around and checked her hair. They had really given mom a very nice layered haircut. Earlier moms hair had layers only in the end. But the salon people had given mom really modern haircut and the shortest layers were very short, just reaching moms chin !!  They had given mom a side swept fringe. It was nose length. They had styled it in curls and mom looked really hot!! But still there was some other change we were not able to figure out what it was, so we told mom that apart from sexy layered haircut and fringes there is also something else that has changed but we are not able to figure it out. So mom said to dad, that she never thought dad would be so forward to gift her full body waxing !! I was so shocked and looked at dad and the funny part was dad was shocked too!! Dad did not know that full body waxing was included in the package 😉
Mom thought that dad wanted her to get her full body waxed so she got it done. Mom said it was first time in her life that she got bikini wax !! She said it is ticking a lot. Even her complete face was waxed and hence she was looking different!!

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