Dad forced mom for makeover when i was kid


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Many years back our family had gone to Goa for a trip. Mom, dad and me. I was quite small then, i guess in first or second standard.  Mom was a traditional women with waist length hair and always used to wear saree, because her mother in law did not like girls wearing western clothes.
Mom used to wear kurti and punjabi dresses before her marriage. So she told dad that atleast in goa she can wear Kurtis or punjabi dress.
When dad heard this he started smiling. He said, if anyways no one is going to see her then why just stop with punjabi dresses, he said to mom that she should wear western clothes.
Mom started laughing, she thought dad was joking and said that she will think about it. Later that day while we were roaming dad saw a clothes store and took us there.
He started asked the shopkeeper to give something modern for mom. Shopkeeper took out a one piece dress. Mom was surprised and started asking dad what was he doing. Dad said that she had agreed for wearing western clothes. Mom said that she was just joking and anways we have our son with us. Dad said that he is so small he dosent understand anything ( ha ha ha) and they can do this without anyone knowing about it. Mom was not ready but dad forcibly bought that one piece dress for mom. Later dad also took her to a local beauty parlour near our hotel. I assume mom got her waxing and all done there.
I guess that was the time mom first time got her eyebrows done. Since it was a ladies beauty parlour me and dad had to wait outside.
Next day when were had to go out mom was wearing a very very short one piece dress. It was just till mid thighs and only covered her butt. Dad was really happy to see her in the western. He said lets go out. Mom said no wait. She Said she had to show something. Dad asked her what. So mom turned around. mom had her waist length hair all ironed and made straight. and also trimmed at the ends and given proper shape in the beauty parlour. Moms hair was looking really gorgeous Dad was really happy to see it. He said this is really sexy and playfully slapped mom on her butt cheeks. Mom said she did not wanted to show her hair she wanted to show something else. Dad asked her what. Moms back was towards us with all her long hair in front of us. She put her hands and pulled all her hair in the front and gave dad a surprise. The dress was completely backless. Mom said to dad that why didnt he check this out before buying the dress. Dad said that this is the first time he had bought a once piece dressa nd had no idea what it would look like when she worn it. He said that he only asked shopkeeper if this dress will be short till thighs. Shopkeeper said yes the dress will reach only till mid thighs. and so dad had bought it. He said he did not know it will be backless.
Mom said that she was going to remove it, but dad did not allow. Dad was really excited about the dress and said that althought he was not aware the dress was backless but now he would love to have such a hot and sexy wife and forced mom to wear that dress and not change it.
For the entire day we were roaming in Goa and mom was wearing this one piece dress. Due to wind, or while walking or sitting or standing or while doing any activity her long hair would slid away and her back would completely visible. I saw everyone noticing mom that day. Everyone noticed mom wherever we went. On the streets, on the beach, in the restaurants, in the market place while shopping etc. Initially in the morning mom was concious about it. but as time passed by afternoon mom realised there was nothing she could do and just stopped bothering about it. She even stopped caring about keeping her hair hide her back. Whenever she was sweating or something she would herself pull her long hair in the front, the way she used to do when she wore saree. I dont know if mom and dad noticed this, but whenever she pulled her hair in the front, everyone would get surprised by looking at a completely bare back of mom, the same way how dad had got surprised.
While we were in a bus for a small ride, the ticket conductor joked that instead of mom paying for the ticket, he should pay mom for being their on the bus ( and giving everyone a show)


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5 thoughts on “Dad forced mom for makeover when i was kid

  • November 15, 2015 at 8:04 am

    OMG !! Your mom would have looked really different, I mean this is such a big change. From what you say i think she looked really hot !!

    • November 20, 2015 at 8:03 pm

      Yes it was a really big change for mom. And I think all the people who saw mom on that day would agree to your opinion. And those who saw moms back when moms long was was on front, they would say reality was much better than that u described 😉

  • November 20, 2015 at 7:57 pm

    If ur mom ‘s hair was short then it would more add more

    • November 20, 2015 at 8:06 pm

      Palan, i guess u like short hair. But if moms hair was short then it would have been a nightmare. Because mom wouldnt have been able to hide her bare back atleast whereever she could. Honestly even today girls dont wear such revealing dresses what mom had worn years back.


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