Cut it off   she said

It was a fine Sunday morning and had only been a few minutes since I had opened my salon. It had only been established since 2 months and I still had a long way to go in learning the art of haircutting and also dealing with my clients. I was reading some news waiting for a client.

The door opened and the bell hanging off the door handle made a jingle sound.

A young girl probably in her 20s walked in swiftly. I could tell from her body language and her expression that she was surely in a bad mood.
She was wearing a yellow sleeveless top and a slim fit jeans, a pretty casual dressing style. She was fair and beautiful, despite her bad expression she looked adorable.
However the most striking feature about her was her hair.
It was the most beautiful curly hair I had ever seen. Hazel brown curly hair made its way past her back almost ready to touch her waist if given some time.
Her beautiful hair bounced as she walked towards me.

Before I could say a word she said, “I want to get my hair cut”

Shocked to see her in such a hurry I responded to calm her down a bit.
“Okay sure miss! Please have a seat” I said smiling
“Do you need coffee or anything?” I asked

“No, just a haircut please” she sounded irritated

I quickly lowered the chair as she was taller than most girls and put a cape around her. Holding her hair was magical and I had never seen such beautiful long curly hair. I could tell her hair was carefully nurtured and taken care of. Most girls get fed up of curly hair and keep it short. However my client was surely in love with her hair.

“You need a trim miss?” I asked her

“No, just cut it off” she said looking into my eyes through the mirror. She was very upset with something, so I tried to talk her into not making a rash decision

“Why would you cut such gorgeous hair? It’s better to think now than to regret later” I said not making eye contact since it was not my business to tell clients what they should do, my job was to get them whatever cut they wanted.

“Just do it! It’s enough with all this gorgeous hair thing! I’m tired of it” she said kinda yelling

“Ok miss! How short” I asked

“So short that it shouldn’t bother me anymore” she said

She had just asked me to cut the most beautiful hair very short. It was the first time in my career that I was being asked to do such a thing. I knew I had no choice but to do it

I started combing her hair and then tied it up in sections with the clips. In a few moments I had made sections of thick curly hair all over and was ready to cut it off.

“You sure? No turning back after this!” I said

She nodded

I took my scissors and cut off a long lock above her neck line reducing it just to 3 inches. A long beautiful curly lock of hair fell down on the floor with a loud snip.

I started chopping it off just the way she had asked me to and the salon chair seemed like a boat aflot in an ocean of hair lying around the chair.
Within a few moments her long hair was reduced to a few inches all over.

It was the toughest haircut that I had ever done.
I gave her a beautiful pixie cut and I noticed tears in her eyes as I was doing the haircut.

She looked beautiful and she’s been a regular client ever since.

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