Concave Layers



1)      For this haircut make a front to back parting as well as an ear to ear parting.

2)      Now from the front you need to take up a box shaped area and secure it on the top with the pins. For doing so starting from your forehead till the ear to ear parting, take two equal sections from both the sides of ‘front to back’ parting.

3)      Now for the rest of the hair, you need to make a layers haircut. This can be a reverse graduation haircut or “Twisted U layers” haircut. ( you can check the tutorials for this haircuts

4)      Once you get a layers in the rest of the hair,  take the hair from the box which have been pinned up.

5)      Now comb this section properly and take all the hair to the back side. Now check where the shortest layers are on the back. You have to cut the hair form the box by pulling the whole section back and just one and a half or two inches above the shortest layers at the back side.

6)      So now the hair form the back becomes your shortest layer.

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