Cleanliness and hygiene using Japanese technique

Lack of Cleanliness and Hygiene is a deal breaker for any salon. It is a very important part of any salon. Just because your salon and clean and hygienic does not mean that customers will come to your salon, but if your salon is not clean and hygienic then customers will not come to your salon even if you have really good stylists.

When we want our salons to be clean and hygienic, there are no specific parameters set as to what all needs to be done. Hence, at least the basic factors can be considered using the Japanese Techniquie of 5S used for keeping the manufacturing are clean.  These are 5 things you need to work on for keeping your salon clean and tidy. And all these 5 things start with an ‘S’ . Even though this technique was used by manufacturing firms, they are applicable for any shop floor and also for Salons.

5S Things which are important are:

  1. Sort :  All the equipments in the salon should have clear sorting and all the equipments needed for one service should be together. Example for haircuts you need comb, scissiors, spray bottle and Cape. All this things should be place near each other in the salon. Stylists should not have to run through the entire salon just for collecting necessary equipments while client is waiting for him.
  2. Set : All the equipments must have a proper, predefined place. Once the use is over, equipment must be placed at the same predefined location.
  3. Shine : All the equipments like scissors, comb, cape, towels etc should always be clean and shiny.
  4. Standardize:  There should be standard way of placing things in your salon and every stylist should follow the same guidelines of maintaining equipments. It should not be that every stylist has his own way of keeping and maintaining the equipments.
  5. Sustan: If your salon does not have all these, prepare a plan and then stick to it. If your salon already has all these, then maintain it. Once we set rules, it is a natural tendency to forget these rules over a period of time. Hence even if good planning is done, sustaining it for a longer period of time is also very important !!

Apart from all these. Salon should always have a first aid box. Since we deal with scissiors and razors and similar sharp objects, a first aid box helps to avoid infection or other such complications to the stylists and the clients alike.

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