Check out why not downloading SnipNChop mobile App is a big loss to you

No one knows everything. But everyone knows something.

This is the idea we firmly believe in. You might not be aware of all the celebrities who have got haircuts recently, but you may be aware of a few.
So you can go to Submit Post page and tell us about celebrity news that you know and in turn get to know about what news everyone has.
(All the news that are posted on SnipNChop are submitted by users)

Similarly you might have had a few experiences in Salon. So share your confessions(Anonymously) and read about everyone’s confessions.

We recently came up with Beta version (First version) of our android app “SnipNChop”. We have tried to include
only the basic features for now.

Depending on your feedback we will keep on making the app better in next updates.

Hence if you do not Download the app and dont engage actively, it is not just your loss but it is everyone’s loss. And everyone includes YOU !!

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