Brothers wife got her long hair cut to short

My brother wife name laxmi.she is gorgeous lady.her hair proud of her beauty.her hair knee length about.after marriage 2year 1day laxmi says to me she visit beauty parlour with me.I says why?she says she cut her hair.I shock says why?she says her long hair damage and not should city water.she hair fall problem she decided her haircut.I says ok tomorrow next days we go to saloon.laxmi enter beauty parlour and sit to barber mirror.beauticians attend now laxmi why she doing?laxmi says cut her hair.beaticians says which cut she want.laxmi says which cut prefer to her face.buticians says her face prefer chinlength boycut .laxmi says ok.cut beauticians opend the drawer and cape and sesiour in her hand.crape around laxmi body.and now she combing laxmi beautyfull hair.and now she made a long just about beautyfull braid .now she says to me please click the braid pictures.and I open my phone in camera.and click laxmi beautiful braid pictures.and now she made a beautiful braid bun laxmi hair.and says Please pictures.and I click she says please haircut video.I open my she open bun.and laxmi braid about her beatucian toch sessieor and one hand catch laxmi braid.finally catccchhh…….she cut laxmi long braid in her hand and she felt the braid ground.laxmi now short hair .she cut laxmi hair formally to chinlength complete laxmi haircut now she look so beautiful then past.I pay to barber fees and told her please give me the braid in packed.she said ok.and she called a boy and said please packed in the braid.boy doing him job.

Now we return the home laxmi says how much she looks.I says a was a me.

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