Beneficial optical illusions of short haircuts

We know that short haircuts are easy to maintain, they look really modern and stylish.
Short haircuts are also the trends of 2016 and are going to evolve more in upcoming years.
But along with this, short haircuts provide us with a few more benefits which are not direct benefits.

 Short hair makes you look younger

Yes thats true. If you have long hair you look more matured. Short hair can be a very easy technique of looking young
and it does not need much hard work. Go Snip snip and look young instantaneously !!

Short hair makes you look taller

Yes this is a fact that not many people know. Long hair makes you look weighed down or bogged down with weight. Short hair will show off your height IT is believed that this is majorly because your neck is displayed and that adds to the “Visual Height”.

So what are you waiting for. Go Chop Chop !!

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