Basics Lesson 2: A line guideline

  1. In most of the haircuts, This is a method by which we will be making the first guideline.
  2. It is called A-line because of the “A” shaped section that is cut.
  3. To take a A-line guideline, first comb the clients hair properly.  Make the hair wet. Remove all the knots and tangles in the hair such that your comb moves freely through the hair.
  4. Create a center parting starting from center of forehead till exact center of nape.
  5. (To create center parting: Comb all the hair back. Standing behind the client, place comb at the center of the forehead and slowly move your comb backwards till the center of the nape, such that it creates the parting at the exact center of the clients head. Although the hair gets properly divided, the parting may not be clearly visible yet. You will need to comb the hair to either side for the parting for it to be clearly visible.)
  6. Now take out an A shaped triangular section at the base of the nape.
  7. Comb this section properly and keep it properly wet. Make a cut at the desired length. In most cases, this first cut for getting a guideline will be done at 0 degree.
  8. This is the starting point for almost all the haircuts and this guideline will be taken as a base for cutting rest of the hair and hence choosing the appropriate length is very important. The whole haircut would depend on the length chosen at this stage.
  9. For few haircuts A-line can be taken on the forehead also , instead of taking it at the base of the nape. For creating A-line on the forehead, after making the center parting, take a triangular section at the “forehead” instead of at the base of the nape.

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