Basics Lesson 1: Choosing a haircut

Step 1: Depending on customer profile

1)      For thin hair try to add volume, for thick hair try to reduce volume.

2)      Straight haired girl would like curls; Curly haired girl would like straight hair.

3)      For round face, we try to make face look oval or longish.  If straight and long hair, then give front layers which are couple of inches below chin length ( not much options if hair is curly on round face)

4)      For already oval face, we need to show off the good facial features. Hence to bring out the face, by giving lots of layers. Generally the front layers are shorter than chin length. So that they frame the face and bring out the facial features.

5)      While deciding a haircut for a client you need to take into consideration the profession of the client. If a client is in corporate world haircut would be more “no-nonsense” like a blunt bob /a client is a housewife the haircut shouldn’t be too flashy, straight , u shaped or simple layers should be a good idea / if a women is in hospitality industry pointed  layers and slightly appealing haircut should do wonders. The style should differ according to the profession. (do not forget to take the consent of the client)

Step 2: Depending on client`s hair

1)      When a client comes to you for a haircut, don’t get into hurry for choosing a haircut for customer.

2)      A good hairstylist always spends time talking to customer and getting to know which haircut client has in his mind. It is most likely that client already has decided in their mind regarding which haircut they want, even before coming to you.

3)      Take into considering texture of client`s hair. Check if hair is Straight, curly, wavy or frizzy.

4)      You can suggest to the client that a particular haircut would suit the client better than the haircut which client has in his mind.

5)      Length of customer’s hair will also be a deciding factor for haircut.  You can go shorter but you can’t make clients hair long. So you should have a clear idea about the length client desires. Hence, some haircuts look good on long hair and some on short hair. Decide accordingly. Haircuts are already segregated in short and long hair types. Also notes are added accordingly in each haircut for the hair length suitable for that particular haircut.


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