Airtel 4G girl Shasha chettri and her hair journey

We are all able to see airtel 4G girl again on tv, and couldnt help notice her hair has grown out and she has a Slant bob now !!

We all love airtel 4G girl Shasha chettri`s haircuts. she has brought short hair in demand.

She first appeared in Airtel ads with a pixie cut which had long strand on one side and short pixie on other. after which she went for a regular short pixie and then different variations in growing out phases. Here we take you guys through the journey of her haircuts over a period of time. Dont miss out her latest ad where she has a slant bob.

All the below videos are in old to new ad, where you can clearly see the hair journey.

Video credits: Airtel India youtube channel.

First ad – Pixie cut with one side slightly long:



Shortest hair she had  (Pixie):



Slightly grown out pixie, side parted:


Almost a chin length bob:


Grown out pixie, nearly a bob,  Chin length:


New ad with grown hair (Bob cut):

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