Air Hostess wife returns home unrecognizable

Hi All,

My wife is a air hostess in a very reputed airline and she is usually on international flights. She is beautiful like most of the airhostess on international flights with long silky hair and fair skin.

Recently for the first time she was on a flight to Italy. And seems someone of her friend who is also airhostess recommended some place in italy to visit. Its a place where they have salon, spa, clothes and all the beauty related things at one place.

Since they had a 2 day stay in italy before coming back to India, they decided to visit the place.

My Wife has returned back with her extremely long hair cut into a short chin length bob !! When I saw her I couldn’t even recognize her. She was in her airhostess Uniform of mid thigh length skirt and top. I initially thought some of her airhostess friend is visiting our home.

And when we went to bedroom she mentioned that there is more. The place they had visited in Italy had tattoo and piercings and every thing related to beauty at one place.  My wife has got a tattoo on her lower back and navel piercing!!

Now the biggest challenge we are facing is, if she wears a saree, since she is heighted her saree always becomes low waist. So her tattoo on lower back and her navel piercing are always going to be visible !!

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