45 degree Layers


1)      In this haircut we are going to make a A-line in the front side. (instead of at the nape)

2)      Comb hair properly and make a middle parting.

3)      Now take a A-line section from the front (near the forehead)

4)      Take hair from the A-line section to the sides at 45 degree and cut at desired length.

5)      Starting form the side. Take diagonal section and cut at 45 degree at the same length as guideline.

6)      Keep taking diagonal sections from hair along with some hair from the previous section, and moving around the clients head, go on cutting around the clients head taking managable sections

7)      Repeat the procedure for the other side.

8)      Your haircut is done.

9)   Cut any stray strands or tails of hair that might come out.

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